Our Management

Satinder Pal Singh

India is one of the fastest growing economies, thus to make it able to climb the ladder of success the ensuing descent needs to be acquainted with the global calibre of artistry, Mastery and occurrence to sustain and to execute in their life. A postgraduate Electronic Engineer from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Mr Satinder Pal Singh, the Managing Director of the Company has Recognized the needs of a professional agency to cater to the prerequisites of freshman, sophomore, juniors and seniors coming from every nook and corner of the country.
He is the wit at the rear of the unconventional objectives and reflective blueprints with a wealthy experience that have navigated Vertex to reach Covetable worth. His grip and exposer have been comprehensively and prosperously initialized its large crew of academic mentors. Passionate about assisting students in installing victorious spheres and leaves no stone unturned to nail down the significant consequences. He is accountable for setting deep-rooted goals, operations; compose protocols and mechanism and ensuring classification hegemony of the firm.

Gurbaj Singh

In the dimension of an Executive Director (Client Relations), Mr Gurbaj Singh brings a young and zestful outlook to the company. He considers that each student has a divergent set of yearnings; virtuosity, potentials and curiosity that can be sharpened with the right enlightenment, mentorship, and direction. He holds a pinnacle extent of distinctive morality and nobility and delivers a straightforward and plain work domain.
He brings more than a decade of experience to the table, having devoted 7 of those years to the field of International education and career counselling. He also plays a prominent character in team management, human resources, communications and liaising with partner institutions.